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Stephanie Murray Mortgages
Trendz Fireplaces
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Stephanie Murray

Stephanie Murray Mortgages 


"As a new business that is growing rapidly myself as a director had no experience in the best way to market our business to both new and existing clients. Working with Thomas and the team has been thoroughly rewarding. It has meant I have been able to take a “hands off” approach in this part of the business and know it is well looked after by the team at Vanguard 86.

Thomas is always coming up with new ways of targeting clients and has taken a real interest in how our business ticks. The more knowledge he has about the business the more easily he can target the best audiences for us.  He continually comes up with new and fresh ideas that quite simply I would have not thought of myself and we work to implement them together.  I would highly recommend the services of Vanguard 86 to both new and existing businesses.  I consider them to be an essential part of my team and key to the success of my business."


Stephanie Murray from Stephanie Murray Mortgages
Alex Lawry Trendz Outdoors

Alex Lawry

Trendz Outdoor Fireplaces 

"It’s great using Vanguard 86, because it gets ‘stuff’ done!  Our marketing efforts were disjointed and spasmodic, when Thomas approached us with a marketing proposal.  For the first time we have a fully co-ordinated marketing effort.  It is so good to work with an external team that are experts in marketing, perfect for a small business who doesn’t want the outlay of employing more staff.  I would highly recommend Vanguard 86 if you’re wanting to get online and get marketing, but are struggling to get your head around it or lacking the resources to give it your full effort internally. "

Ben Witty



"We recognised that if our sales team had more inbound leads to attack that we could close more business, more quickly.  Working with Vanguard 86 we created a campaign that launched in the first month of us working together.  The campaign generated just under 200 leads for a key product, not bad for a first attempt.  Now we're looking into ways marketing automation can take some of the lead nurturing from the sales teams, allowing them to focus on closing more business and hunting better opportunities."


Ben Witty from Primepac


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