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Customer habits are changing. These days 80% of customers have researched their purchase before reaching out to a business. With that in mind, how is your marketing approach adapting to these educated customers? Our coaching programme prepares your marketing team for these new buyers.

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Most marketing coaching hasn't adapted to the digital world we now live in. This has become more obvious in our post-pandemic landscape.

Customers can make very informed decisions without ever talking to the company they're buying from. They read blogs, consume reviews, and watch video explainers until they know they're making the right decision. They're asking questions and companies simply aren't ready to partake in the conversation.

But there's a new way of selling for organisations looking to regain control of the sales process. An approach that embraces these digital tools and the insights they provide. Our coaching programme aligns your marketing team with digital tools and the needs of modern customers to increase their effectiveness. It's called 'They Ask, You Answer'.

Marketing coaching in NZ using They Ask You Answer

Top 3 benefits of the marketing coaching programme

From challenging the marketing team to understanding how they can become a trusted partner to the customer, we explore how your marketing team can adapt to this new environment — and thrive.


Align with your customer

Your customers are changing, is your marketing approach? This coaching programme explores the path your customers take to buying, and how you need to meet their expectations along the way.

You will craft a buyer's journey that is as unique as your team, your business, and your customers. By the end of the programme, you will have a repeatable, scaleable approach to marketing. Not only that but you'll be able to improve the results without the need for ongoing external help.


Engage your team

Coaching is special in that the outcomes are driven and owned by those being coached. Your team becomes the driving force of change and holds each other to account.

It's all too easy for excuses and obstacles to hinder real change but this programme encourages your internal assets to overcome these issues and drive their own success.

As marketing changes, your team are the best people to sculpt the new process. Let them.


Surpass the competition

New techniques, tools, and training ignite your business to do things differently. This more customer-centric approach to marketing changes your market's expectations and enables you to create a new paradigm with customers.

When your marketing communication is held up against the competition, your prospects may see a very different take that helps you to earn trust and drive the conversation.

Sales coaching

How does it work?

Our marketing coaching follows a layered approach to changing the techniques and habits of your team. We closely align your customer and marketing which means less focus on pure output and more on quality conversations that are likely to convert.

  • Goals: The whole process starts with senior management and their high-level goals for marketing.

  • Team: With direction from senior management, we focus on gearing the marketing team towards a culture of success.

  • Optimisation: As we implement these new techniques we collaborate and learn together. 

  • Analysis: This includes direct monitoring of marketing data but also high-level reporting and accountability for transparency and ownership towards your business goals.

Marketing coaching programme outline

Our coaching programmes last 6 or 12 months and each programme includes the following:

  • Fortnightly sessions: Lasting an hour, these will be our primary platform for measuring success and removing obstacles to progress.

  • Analysis: Between sessions, our marketing coach will analyse marketing performance to identify areas for improvement and challenge preconceptions.

  • Tools: We work with you to identify, implement, and optimise the various sales tools at your disposal to give your marketing team the edge.
They ask you answer training

Ready to take your marketing efforts to the next level?

If you like what you've seen so far then it could be worth chatting about your needs. For an exploratory call where we'll work out whether we're a good fit for you simply book a meeting with a specialist at a time that suits you.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does marketing coaching cost?

The price depends on timeframes and the size of your marketing team. As a rough guide, a business with a single marketing person looking to complete the programme over 18 months may expect a total cost of $36,000 +GST. Programme costs can go as high as $150,000 +GST for very large marketing teams across different timezones and with a restricted timeframe for results.

Why does your shorter course cost more?

Our delivery timeframes are based on intensity. The 6-month programme is the 12-month one delivered in a shorter period of time. Condensing the course in such a way often requires more support, hence the increased cost.

Do I need to invest in additional software?

Possibly, although we'll uncover this as part of our exploratory discussions before the training begins. If you have a CRM and pipeline tool then you may only need a few additional tools to get the most out of this programme. If you have nothing but have some ambitious growth goals then you may need to invest more to reach them.

What results can I expect?

That depends on you.


We can lead a horse to water but we can't make it drink. We will work with you to challenge preconceptions, implement change, and create a culture of development but the business needs to be willing to change for this to work. Senior management needs to believe in the requirement to do things differently and the sales team need to be held accountable.


When you have all of the above, the sky's the limit.

How do we measure marketing results?

We will guide you on the tracking you'll need to put in place, and the software you may need to measure your metrics. You'll define the goals and we'll hold you accountable in achieving them.