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3 brands that nail video inbound marketing

three young man siting on ground while modern video camera recording.jpeg
A picture tells a thousand words, and a video is thousands of pictures. There's little doubt that when you're tapping into the power of inbound marketing that video is one of your absolute key tools. As with any emerging digital media there's a massive difference between doing it, and doing it well.

As with social media when it first came out there are more examples of brands doing more damage to themselves through poor execution than companies tapping into its full potential. A poorly created video, with little benefit to the viewer and a shoddy execution is NOT better than no videos at all.

To help you discover what makes a video campaign that stands above the rest we've found 3 examples of brands that are at the top of their game when it comes to inbound marketing video style.

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Before you criticise us for picking one of the most obvious examples in modern marketing as an example please bear with us. It's not the volume of videos they produce, or even the fact that every major airport you've ever visited has a GoPro stand playing videos that has us adding them to the list.

The thing we love about GoPro's use of inbound video marketing is that they produce almost zero content themselves. Any business that's investigated having a professional videographer shoot, edit and package a series of videos knows that this isn't a cheap endeavour. Now imagine that cost over multiple locations across the globe, with different sports to show your product's effectiveness. Now do that every day of every week.

GoPro has cleverly circumvented that cost by fully harnessing UGC, in longhand that's User Generated Content.

By getting their customers to submit content it has access to a surplus of exciting, different, global and effective video content that it shares across its channels. Much of the content is supplied by GoPro brand ambassadors, which are given free product, invites to events and access to multi-channel platforms that reach millions of people every day.

This mutually-beneficial partnership helps GoPro combat the biggest barrier most companies have to the video marketing game - content creation.


Apart from needing a box of tissues when watching this video there's very little to the video that leads you to believe it's a marketing campaign.  A small logo in the bottom right (which you barely notice) and the occasional use of the product naturally are all you need.

So what makes this a good inbound marketing campaign?  The storytelling isn't about how Kleenex changed, or saved, someone's life it's about the role Kleenex plays in your life.  When you're being human and feeling emotions Kleenex is the brand that you reach for, the video creates an emotional response that connects to the product.  Just like how GoPro gives you a feeling of excitement and adventure when you watch the video you begin to connect the brand to those feelings.

Video is such a great tool for inciting an emotional response from your audience it seems a shame to use it to convey a boring message!


We've used this example before to showcase how B2B organisations can use inbound marketing to great success but Hootsuite's application of video case studies is next level.  Well produced, relevant and informative they use some of their highest-profile brands to help sell to future customers.


When you're selling to businesses from SMEs to Enterprise level users the use of case study examples is useful when you can leverage the success you've already achieved to convince more businesses to use you.

Most of the successes the brands above have achieved is by tapping into human interest stories because, at our heart, humans love a good story.  From the earliest days of human communication and before writing, video or digital marketing was around stories were the way we shared information. 

Just because you're running a business that is trying to meet sales targets does not mean storytelling needs to stop.  If anything because you're trying to sell you need to engage with stories even more.

To help give you even more inspiration for your inbound marketing we have 32 examples of great inbound marketing that you can use to launch your inbound marketing to the next level.

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