Best inbound marketing blogs

Our top inbound marketing blogs (so far)

Best inbound marketing blogs

It’s pretty crazy to think we’ve been in the inbound marketing business for 6 years now! The digital landscape has evolved exponentially over this time and it always keeps us on our toes, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

We’ve learnt a lot during our time as digital marketing experts, including the importance of blogging. It’s a vital part of inbound marketing. Not only does it help potential clients see you as a thought leader in your field, but it also helps your organic search performance and keyword density.

All that aside, it's often really interesting to see which articles have resonated the most with our audience so here are the most viewed blog articles we have published so far.

Before we start, here's some key data:

  • We have published 156 blog posts since 2016 (averaging just over 2 blog posts per month for the past 6 years!).
  • We have had over 34,000 people view our articles.
  • Our highest converting post delivered a 15% click through rate.

Without further adieu, here are our top-performing blogs of all time:

Top inbound marketing blog #5 - Benefits of case studies

This popular blog saw a 68.99% increase in blog views this year compared to last year when it was published. It confirms why every business should be using case studies. Especially for those B2B (business-to-business) organisations, providing examples of your previous success stories is important in establishing your credibility. 

There’s nothing more reassuring than seeing the standard to which a company has completed a job, as well as how satisfied it’s customers are.

Top inbound marketing blog #4 - Marketing automation: HubSpot vs Marketo vs Pardot

Marketing automation is more of a need than a want these days, and with so many different options it can be overwhelming to determine which software is the best fit for your business. With the push towards automating marketing processes, this article has delivered value to many readers and has gained various form submissions from people wanting to find out more information.

We’ve discussed the good, the bad, and the ugly in this article so you can understand the pros and cons that come with each of these different industry-leading platforms.

Top inbound marketing blog #3 - Why your emails might be going to junk

There’s nothing worse than carefully curating an email, segmenting the list of contacts you want to send it to, only to find the email ends up straight in the recipient’s junk mail. 

In this blog, we walk you through the reasons your emails may be going to junk, aswell as how to avoid it all together. We ensure your email marketing efforts don’t end up in the garbage, but instead get delivered safely to an inbox ready to be opened. From it’s publish date in 2019, it’s clear that this topic is still relevant today as there has been a 60.87% increase in page entrances over 2021.

Top inbound marketing blog #2 - Types of digital marketing agencies

This article clears up the confusion surrounding the term 'digital marketing agency'. In a similar thread to accountants, there are multiple disciplines and just because someone says they'll manage digital marketing doesn't mean they'll manage YOUR digital marketing.

It has certainly captured the interest of readers as it’s had a 13.5% increase in the time per page view this year. From social media management to Google Ads/PPC support and email marketing agencies, we explain what each does and when you might need to use one over the other. 

Top inbound marketing blog #1 - What’s the difference? Testimonial vs review

Posted in 2017, this blog is still a crowd favourite today! It’s had a 40.56% increase in views this month alone. While a lot of businesses use testimonials, reviews are often harder to come by - particularly if your business is not of the e-commerce variety. In this article, we explain that there is a very important difference between a testimonial and a review in the eyes of a potential customer, and just what this difference is might surprise you!

While our top blog posts feature quite varied topics, the common theme here is people looking at how they can elevate their digital marketing efforts and become inbound marketing experts. From email marketing, reviews and case studies, to marketing automation - there really is something that can help you accelerate your marketing.

It may appear as though we’re giving away all of our marketing secrets in the form of blogs, and you wouldn’t necessarily be wrong in assuming so. The overall aim of our blogs is to provide value, even when we're not the right fit for what the reader is after.

To all of those who have read, inspired, or shared our content over the last 6 years, the team at Vanguard 86 must say a huge thank you! With 6 years of experience as experts in inbound marketing, we’re excited to see the growth we’ll achieve over the coming 6 years!

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