Are Buyer Personas Important?

What is a buyer persona?

Firstly let's recap what a buyer persona is.

A buyer persona is a fictional, general and abstract view of your ideal customer. They are designed to help you understand and focus on the customer you want to attract so that you can tailor content and journeys to them.

There is no limit to the amount of personas you can create but if you're doing more than 10/20 then chances are your business offering is so broad you'll be seen as a generalist, and less desirable to each persona!

Are buyer personas important?

They're essential. Your business might have a good idea as to who you sell to already but chances are you've occasionally had a dream customer come along. One that you love to work with, and would love to work with more - if only you could find them.

That buyer persona exists, but chances are your current marketing is mostly serving your existing market. That may even be putting off your dream prospect!

By creating a buyer persona for that customer you can re-evaluate your current marketing and look at what's missing in the buyer's journey across your digital marketing.

How do I create a buyer persona?

A good buyer persona is fictional, but it's grounded in examples and observations from real life. Take into consideration your sales team's feedback on the leads they are interacting with most and try to find patterns across the ones they get the best results.

Look at the forms on your website. Do they ask important questions that help you identify your dream buyer persona? Could you ask about their company's annual revenue, their main challenges or their monthly budgetary spend in your category?

Are there templates or guides that can help me?

Funny you should ask, we have one right here...

The guide covers everything you'll need for a basic buyer persona including their background, what they like, what they don't like, their challenges and your opportunities to target them.

There are enough templates included to create 3 personas, but it's also super easy to replicate those templates if you need more.  Buyer personas are one of the first steps to creating a great inbound marketing strategy.  


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