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{% set textColor = "#565656" %} /* This sets the universal color of dark text on the site */

{% set pageCenter = "1100px" %} /* This sets the width of the website */

{% set headerType = "fixed" %} /* To make this a fixed header, change the value to "fixed" - otherwise, set it to "static" */

{% set lightGreyColor = "#f7f7f7" %} /* This affects all grey background sections */

{% set baseFontWeight = "normal" %} /* More than likely, you will use one of these values (higher = bolder): 300, 400, 700, 900 */

{% set headerFontWeight = "normal" %} /* For Headers; More than likely, you will use one of these values (higher = bolder): 300, 400, 700, 900 */

{% set buttonRadius = '40px' %} /* "0" for square edges, "10px" for rounded edges, "40px" for pill shape; This will change all buttons */

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Inbound marketing explained

Inbound marketing focuses on attracting your customers through helpful and relevant content that adds value to their buying process.  With inbound marketing users find you when they're thinking of buying.


Inbound marketing & sales

Inbound marketing blends sales and marketing by qualifying leads and nurturing them towards enquiring.  By understanding the customer, and their buying process inbound marketing focuses on growing enquiries and sales.


How's inbound marketing different?

Traditional marketing (outbound) typically means a business communicating a product, promotion or message to an audience.  The bigger the audience, and wider the reach, the better.  Odds are some of that audience will become customers.  Outbound marketing often requires an investment in advertising dollars.

Inbound marketing focuses on a select, smaller group of individuals (personas) and attracting them to the business when they're in the market to buy.

Results from inbound marketing

Independent studies investigated the average lead generation using inbound marketing.  Whereas lead growth is more long-term the study shows the sustainability of a consistent approach to inbound marketing.

Within the first year the study noted a 3.30X increase in website visitors per month.  They noted a 3.5X increase in leads and a 79% increase in revenue.


Why is inbound marketing important?

Advertising is coming under attack with more Ad blockers in place.  With advertising reaching fewer customers, and the advertising that does get through competing with more messages than ever, reaching an engaged audience is a huge challenge for brands.

Inbound marketing is also perfect for businesses on a budget as inbound marketing can cost up to 62% less than outbound marketing efforts.


How can I start inbound marketing?

HubSpot is a great platform to get started.  You can access the CRM and many elements of the software for free.  As you grow you can pay for increased functionality.

When you grow to the size where you can't manage inbound for yourself you can use an inbound marketing agency such as Vanguard 86.

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