Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing focuses on attracting potential customers through helpful and relevant content that adds value to their buying process. With inbound marketing, users find you when they're researching solutions to a problem or need that they have.

Inbound marketing NZ

Traditional forms of advertising now reach fewer customers, and the advertising that does get through has to compete with more messages than ever, so reaching an engaged audience is now a huge challenge for brands.

Inbound marketing focuses on a select, smaller group of individuals and attracting them to the business when they're in the market to buy, with the use of relevant content.

About inbound marketing

Inbound marketing & sales

Inbound marketing blends sales and marketing by qualifying leads and nurturing them towards enquiring. By understanding the customer and their buying process, inbound marketing focuses on growing enquiries and sales.

Results from inbound marketing

A study published by MIT in 2017 investigated average lead generation using inbound marketing. Whereas lead growth is more long-term, the study shows the sustainability of a consistent approach to inbound marketing.

Within the first year the study noted a 3.30X increase in website visitors per month. They also noted a 3.5X increase in leads and a 79% increase in revenue.

Getting started with inbound marketing

HubSpot is a great platform to get started. You can access the CRM and many elements of the software for free. As you grow you can pay for increased functionality and extra features.

When you grow to the size where you can't manage inbound for yourself you can use an inbound marketing agency like us. As a HubSpot Platinum Partner, we help businesses make the best use of this software by creating consistent and measurable marketing so they can sell more to their end users.

Ready to get started?

Looking for a bit of one-off help to get your inbound marketing strategy underway? As digital marketing specialists, we can work with you to create a marketing strategy that will resonate with your customers, and enable you with the tools to reach your business goals.