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If one of your New Year's resolutions is to boost your digital marketing knowledge, or become a better digital marketing manager, then you're in luck. We've hunted down 5 really good marketing courses that can be completed online that will help you boost your marketing in 2017.

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Getting ahead isn't always easy.  As a business owner you may feel like the landscape is changing all the time.  As a marketer I can relate to that, almost ever week some new technology, or change arises that makes us rethink how we work.  We have to stay at the cutting edge and we do this, in part, with ongoing training and development.  This means our clients get the benefit of a constant education, without having to shoulder the cost of one of their team members burying their head in a study guide.

If training is on your radar this year then we've compiled some great courses that you should add to your professional development plan for 2017. 

Google online marketing challenge course

Anything from Google is going to be good and if your marketing involves PPC advertising then you really need to up your knowledge in this area. Being better at the technical aspects of PPC will not only help your positioning but will also help you reduce costs whilst improving conversion rates.


HubSpot Inbound Marketing course

I've completed this and it's a real winner. HubSpot sells some pretty good online marketing software and the free course they offer helps digital marketers find greater purpose behind the myriad of activities they're responsible for.


Wordstream PPC 

Learning about PPC from one source is better than nothing but Wordstream also offers a course on the subject. In a world where everyone takes to Google to find products and services knowing as much as possible on the subject is essential.



Search is (arguably) the most important asset to any business. It's the equivalent of foot traffic to a store. Put your store on a busy high street and you have a better chance of more foot traffic, hide it down a dark alley and your chances are reduced. This course by Udemy is slated to help you improve your website's rankings. (Or you could download our free guide here)


Email marketing 

When it comes to nurturing leads, and reselling to existing clients few channels can talk to more people, more efficiently, than email. We've sent over 20,000 emails in the last few months and a small tweak can significantly improve the performance of your direct email marketing. This course could help you improve your results.


If, however, your resolution for 2017 was to spend less time learning about marketing and spend more time seeing results from it then maybe you should talk to people that are already accredited and experienced.  We've also got a great range of digital marketing services beyond what's discussed here.

We've been through Google and HubSpot's training programmes and actively implement optimisation strategies for businesses looking to get more from their digital marketing.

Talk to us to see how we can make 2017 a better year than ever for you digital marketing.


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