Vanguard 86 and HubSpot: A Trans-Tasman Partnership

Vanguard 86 and HubSpot:
A Trans-Tasman partnership

Connect your data, teams, and customers on one seamless platform, tailored to Australia and New Zealand.

The HubSpot platform is incredibly powerful, offering a seamless blend of website management, content creation, sales enablement, and reporting analytics in an all-in-one system. We have been a HubSpot agency since November 2017, helping clients across New Zealand and Australia leverage the full potential of this award-winning platform to drive business growth.

We’ve helped to pioneer HubSpot in New Zealand with our HubSpot services. We understand that doing business here is a little different than in other countries. There’s more trust, compassion, and a simple willingness to help over making a buck.

This unique approach aligned nicely with inbound marketing so we became one of the first marketing agencies in New Zealand and Australia to partner with HubSpot — and the results have been exceptional.

Vanguard 86 and HubSpot Partnership

is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a full-service business platform centred on a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database designed to organise contact, company, and sales opportunity information. The platform's tracking elements keep track of interactions involving your business and the contact in question, including website visits, enquiries, emails, phone calls, social media interactions, and more!

HubSpot enables your teams to act as a unified front, with all relevant information accessible and easy to understand from any location, thanks to its cloud-based accessibility. With the HubSpot tools in your arsenal, you can continue pursuing growth while offering exceptional customer service and support.

What is HubSpot?

Why use Hubspot? 

The platform solves dozens of pain points. Whether you’re using a complex tech stack of digital solutions and looking to consolidate, or have no digital platforms but want one that can grow with your business, HubSpot is ideal.

Contact management

HubSpot ensures seamless contact management to keep your records up-to-date. With transparency and consistency, you can nurture contacts down the sales funnel. 

Activities and tasks

HubSpot's CRM includes the functionality to create, manage, and complete tasks within the platform itself. Through the tasks dashboard, users can manage their ‘to-do’ list within the tool where the activities need to be conducted. 


If you’re looking to connect HubSpot to business-critical applications, the good news is that seamless integrations with hundreds of apps, including Gmail, Outlook, Aircall, Zapier, and Hotjar are basically ‘plug and play’. Your team will have access to all the contact data and email templates created and hosted in HubSpot from their usual email platforms.

Sales pipeline management

In HubSpot, you can create deal opportunities in the sales dashboard and move them through your customised sales pipeline. This gives you a visual dashboard of your sales targets and closed-won sales.

Contact and company insights

Did you know that the platform gives you access to data and insights from over 20 million businesses? The whole process is automated, which means your team can get critical insights for ongoing optimisation and improvement.


All HubSpot-created forms are linked to the CRM, meaning anyone who submits their details through one is automatically added as a contact. You can embed these forms on a HubSpot landing page, as well as a non-HubSpot website. You can also create pop-ups, banners, and slide-ins to maximise conversions.

Live chat and bots

HubSpot’s live chat features enable you to connect with potential customers, helping you provide superior support and recommendations. Alongside the conversations inbox, these tools make customer support seamless as they’re built into the very CRM platform where customer data is stored.

Conversations inbox

The conversations inbox is a secure and centralised location for your team, or selected groups, to view all interactions with contacts and external prospects. You can connect any team emails, live chats, chatbots, Facebook, and WhatsApp to create a single portal for managing client inbound messages. 


With advanced analytics tools and reporting dashboards, your business can track how well your website and marketing content is performing. From website traffic to email open rates, it’s easy to measure success and make relevant improvements. 

Our HubSpot services

Since 2017, we’ve been adapting our marketing services to meet the needs of businesses and the ever-changing platform that is HubSpot. We’re focused on using the HubSpot Marketing Hub and Content Hub to deliver consistent and data-driven marketing to small and medium-sized businesses across New Zealand and Australia.

and set up

Get set up on Hubspot
You manage the rest

While HubSpot offers its own guided onboarding we realise that not every business has the time to complete this process in-house. We're here to do the legwork for you. We'll do as much of the work as we can so you can make the most of your HubSpot platform as quickly as possible.

With this service, you can focus on running your business while we get your account ready. This service includes virtual training sessions, technical platform set-up, template creation, and ongoing support for 90 days. 


Managed marketing services

Onboarding and set up
Email marketing
Blog posts
Social media
Workflow automation
Web page/landing pages
Lead generation
Support on HubSpot Sales Hub
Advice on other marketing tools

Businesses seeking consistent and measurable marketing efforts, look towards our managed marketing services. You may have a small marketing team or no marketing team but want to leverage the success that comes from strategic and consistent digital marketing.

Also known as ‘done-with-you’ marketing, we view managed marketing as a partnership. While we create the marketing strategy, align it with your business goals, and do most of the heavy lifting in your monthly digital marketing, we need you as well. 

We create the plan, the timeline, the drafts, publish the assets, and report on the results. What we need from you varies on your strategy but at the bare minimum, we need feedback and approval on what we build. For more aligned marketing campaigns we collaborate on articles, get videos and images from you for posting, and advise on your digital marketing efforts.

Based on your business goals and strategy, our experienced team will create a range of marketing content in your account so you have full visibility of what’s being created, and what’s working or not.

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