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Does marketing software work?

If an increase in online enquiries of over 200%, an increased database to market to, more marketing activity than ever, increased open and click rates on emails sounds like effective marketing then we could tentatively answer yes to that question.

marketing software

Software is just software and it's the way that is used that really makes the difference. We were recently shared some data from an Australian HubSpot agency that showed the following metrics from one of their clients:

Website traffic increased by 172% in a year

Leads increased by 326% to over 500 a month

Overall web visitor conversion increased by 26%

The software helped but it was the application of the software that made the difference. We know of several businesses that are subscribed to HubSpot, Magento, Marketo and Salesforce that are not able to replicate these sorts of results.

We have a landing page for a brochure download for a client that has a 90% conversion rate. We've created email campaigns with 70%+ open rates (to thousands of recipients) and across all clients we've seen

It's a combination of excellent software, like HubSpot, and trained users that can create marketing that finally delivers valuable enquiries for a sales team that has a track record of closing leads.

There are a few questions you can ask to see if your business should look into marketing software:

If our website converted at the same rate what would an increase in website visitors mean for our annual turnover?

If our website visitors remained the same but we increased our website's conversion rate, what would that mean for the sales team?

If our website filtered out poor quality enquiries before they hit the sales team would that mean more time for them to prospect new business?

Do you currently use marketing software? Are you seeing great results? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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