10 reasons why we love HubSpot



Full disclosure - I'm not being rewarded in any way by HubSpot for this, it's purely my opinion having used the software for over a year now. However, if anyone would like me to say lovely things about their brand I can be persuaded with a small token of appreciation.

I'm not going to flap about with history or anything like that and will launch straight into my not-so-fancy list. You can skim over it or pour over every detail - if your boss appears suddenly feel free to open this to keep them happy.


1 - HubSpot helps us find warm leads

By grabbing the ISP details of website visitors it can guess the company where they work. The below example shows the top 2 results the system has for us today.


HubSpot inbound marketing leads



It's not flawless by any means, people searching from their mobile, or from home will be tagged as working for 2 Degrees, or Vodafone which is a little unhelpful. However you can easily filter out the junk to leave you with results that could be a business checking you out as a potential supplier.


2 - HubSpot tracks those visitors, just in case

In the background it tracks which of your website pages that IP address has visited.


HubSpot prospects tool



If that IP address fills out a form on your website later it will log this historic activity to that person meaning that contact's timeline shows a complete history of activity.



3 - The HubSpot timeline is a forgetful person's paradise

If you have multiple people dealing with a customer or prospect then seeing every interaction in one place can save you from embarrassing yourself and the company by calling about the exact same thing your colleague has just called about.


HubSpot CRM


Because it's pulling in online activity you can also see whether that prospect has opened any recent emails, if they haven't are they really as hot to buy as they said they were on the phone?


4 - Marketing is always on your mind, thanks HubSpot!

Remember the days when you used to pay a specialist to come in and help you create a plan that spent 11 months of the year on the shelf? It was easy to forget about marketing wasn't it? You knew it was happening but not what it was doing.


HubSpot marketing dashboard


The marketing dashboard in HubSpot stops that from happening. Set a monthly target for website visitors and new contacts onto the database (for emailing and selling to) and see how the marketing efforts are going against target. Not looking to toot our horn but the dotted line is the goal line ;)


5 - Stop copy and pasting your sales follow-ups with HubSpot

We all hate doing follow-up after follow-up just because some sales trainer once told us that we'll eventually get the sale if we just don't give up. It seems a little pointless when all you're doing is copy and pasting your previous follow-up email anyway.



HubSpot sales sequences

Using HubSpot means you don't need to set-up a recurring task, or even set an hour aside every day to chase those leads the same way every time. Let the computer doe the work. The great news is, if a client replies to any of the emails in the sequence it stops automatically.



6 - HubSpot marketing employs robots

Marketing can more intelligently manage your prospects by qualifying them, sorting them and then assigning them to a salesperson.


HubSpot marketing workflows

Workflows can change a customer's record if they meet certain criteria, send them an email based on a web page they visited and create tasks for other employees to do something if needed.



7 - HubSpot marketing is sales focused?

You may have noticed that we're talking about marketing software here but HubSpot intertwines sales and marketing to create marketing that matters to a business. This means there's a sales dashboard too where sales teams input their leads and opportunities.


HubSpot sales dashboard

The sales teams use the marketing data to approach a sale with a more informed understanding of what the prospect needs.


8 - HubSpot training from the experts

HubSpot offers a free academy that enables you to polish up your skills and understanding of core inbound marketing practices.


HubSpot certifications and training


We recommend the inbound marketing course as a great starting point. It's then really easy to expand out to more specialised fields from there. Oh, and our wall is significantly more full of frames since that photo was taken!



9 - Excellent support, just in case

Software has its days where it just doesn't play ball. Here HubSpot excels as there is not only a great self-help centre if you're happy to 'Google it' but if your issue is a bit trickier, or you want a human to be involved you can email them easily.


We've resolved a whole heap of issues within 24 hours thanks to the team at HubSpot. Anything really tricky will take longer but the team are good at keeping you in the loop when this is the case.



10 - As you grow, so does HubSpot

At the Inbound conference (similar to the WWDC for Apple) Hubspot announced a raft of changes that meant you could sample key aspects of the HubSpot software for free.


Hubspot services




As your needs change you can then upgrade to paid services to unlock advanced marketing platforms that can super-size your business's growth.  Which was handy as we grew as a HubSpot agency.


Using HubSpot but don't feel like you're using it to its full potential? Firstly you can learn more about HubSpot here.  We might be the HubSpot Partner Agency for you. We offer HubSpot management for campaigns on the HubSpot platform meaning we can roll out your monthly marketing campaigns using the full suite of HubSpot tools.  


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