Grabbing Gold - HubSpot Partner Agency



It's with great pleasure that we can finally announce that we're now a HubSpot Gold tier Agency.

This level of partnership is awarded to agencies that manage a number of businesses on HubSpot and rewards those agencies that are able to continually deliver growth to those businesses, while following HubSpot best practices across the platform.

To give you a sense of how chuffed we are with this achievement it's important to remember that 10 months ago we were recognised as a HubSpot partner agency and placed on the entry level Silver tier, to have grown so quickly is a testament to the hard work the team have put in to making inbound marketing work for our clients.


How does the HubSpot tier system work?

HubSpot ranks its partner agencies (certified and accredited to deliver client success on the HubSpot platform) on 4 tiers.

HubSpot Silver Agency Partner- This is the entry level agency tier, achieved by passing the Agency Partner Accreditation. At the time of writing this article there are 4 silver level agencies in New Zealand and 8 in Australia.


HubSpot Gold Agency Partner- Awarded for the same as the above and delivering consistent, ongoing success to a growing number of businesses. You must be managing a certain number of client HubSpot accounts. In New Zealand there are currently only 3 Gold agencies and in Australia there are 16.


Hubspot Platinum Agency Partner - Achieve the same as Gold but with a greater number of businesses and you'll be recognised as a Platinum level partner. In New Zealand there are 2 Platinum agencies and in Australia there are 5.


HubSpot Diamond Agency Partner - Reach the pinnacle of client success and consistently deliver greatness through HubSpot and you'll achieve Diamond status. It's a rarified crowd and might get a little lonely as New Zealand has no Diamond agencies (yet) and Australia only has 1.


Why do tiers matter?

As an agency journeys up through the ranks they get access to more exclusive and valuable content and support from HubSpot. Even at the Silver level the team at HubSpot are looking to help you grow but as you climb higher the depth and variety of support increases. This allows the agency to get even better at delivering success to clients and helps them to improve the performance they're able to see at a delivery level.

It helps us create handy guides, like this Content Mapping Guide:

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So is being a Gold HubSpot Partner Agency a big deal?

For us it is. Not only is it great to be one of only 3 agencies in New Zealand at this level but when we look at the company we keep we're punching a bit above our weight.

Aamplify are a fellow Gold tier agency. They are billed (in NBR no less) as being a "Specialist IT marketing firm" and run a team of 19 people across a range of disciplines. They have a presence in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland and can do a whole heap of marketing beyond simple inbound marketing.

Per.ceptive Inbound are the second bedfellows at the Gold level and again we're chuffed as bits to be alongside these guys and girls. Perceptive inbound are part of the Perceptive group, which is in turn part of the same group that owns Colenso BBDO and Clemenger BBDO we're pretty stoked to be alongside these guys too.

As you can see reaching the same level as a bunch of Auckland agencies with enough numbers to field their own rugby team is a pretty big achievement. As you can see, our team is slightly smaller.  Not bad for an agency that's based in the Naki and has only been going for a year.


What are you doing you lunatic!?

Why would we mention and link to other agencies that some might see as our competition? Come on, if you're in the market for a large international agency then we were unlikely to be your first call anyway.

But if you're after a small team of dedicated people looking to partner rather than service we could be just the agency. We're sort of like the Avis of the group...



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