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Why get started with an advertising agency for Google?

If you've considered implementing advertising for your business then you've probably looked at AdWords with Google.  Maybe you've stepped as far as setting up your own AdWords account and had a go at running your first campaign.  If you're anything like most business owners, or marketers, you may have quickly realised that AdWords can be relatively easy to set-up, but a real challenge to get working well.

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Whether as a long term solution, or a short term kick start utilising a specialist advertising agency can be a boost to your business.

Search engine optimisation can take months to get your website higher up the Google search rankings.  However, AdWords can get you up the top of the listings while this ranking builds.  

When you're investing hundreds or thousands of dollars on advertising you may also have not realised that putting your advertising in the hands of an expert could allow your advertising dollars to go further.

This is often where an advertising agency comes in.

If you're looking into one then there are a few things you should be aware of.

Look for a Google Partner agency

A Google Partner agency has been recognised by Google as being fully qualified and able to demonstrate success in managing budgets on Google.

Finding a Google Partner agency is easy.  The agency is probably going to show off this logo:


This shows that they have been recognised by Google.  Sadly Google recently ditched it's partner search feature so you may have to rely on a good old fashioned Google search to find your advertising agency.

Understand what you need

AdWords may feel like a great box to tick but are you better able to reach your customers by using display advertising or YouTube video advertising?  Maybe mobile advertising is more their thing?

If you don't know what you need then you need a provider that isn't just going to do what you say, but is going to add value by making recommendations to achieve your goals.  

If you're looking at Google AdWords chances are you're looking to get more website traffic.  Fantastic, but if your website is rubbish then you won't get conversions and all that money will be wasted.  Likewise if you're already getting good conversions but not enough traffic you need to be sure that AdWords will bring in the right traffic.

adwords agency new zealand

Choose an agency that does more than AdWords

This isn't so they can sell you onto other things but because an agency that works in search engine optimisation, web design and more will be able to trouble shoot a solution if your advertising doesn't bring the results you expected.

Talk to as many Google AdWords providers as you can to get a sense of who may be better able to help you.  We openly showcase our pricing and what's included on our AdWords pricing page so you can get a sense of the budget you'd need to spend to bring on an AdWords specialist.  Check out our AdWords management pricing here.

Looking to get a higher rank on Google without spending the money on AdWords?  Why not consider boosting your search engine optimisation with our free guide by clicking the image below.


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